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Jun 28, 2019

Amie vulnerably shares so much about her journey down this road to coming out of a dark place. With serious tragedy in her family, her story of healing herself is incredibly inspirational.

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Jun 24, 2019

When you’re feeling fearful, doubting yourself or your potential, take it as a sign to reconnect with your truth!

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Jun 21, 2019

Sierra and I chatted all about MAKING the time for yourself first thing in the morning. Even if you’re not a morning person, waking up 10 minutes earlier and pulling out a journal can drastically change your day.


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Jun 18, 2019

Stop chasing the perfection that just doesn’t exist. What has been on your mind that you are ignoring cuz you just don’t feel like you are “ready”?

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Jun 14, 2019

Be willing, eager and excited to pay more attention to what’s going on within your mind. How willing are you to call yourself out on some on the BS that we tell ourselves?

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