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Jan 31, 2021

Creating healthy habits and boundaries for yourself is so key on this journey of healing and stepping into your brightest light.


In today’s episode I share a piece of my routine that has greatly impacted my overall mindset since starting! 


Holding yourself accountable and sticking with these habits can be tough,...

Jan 24, 2021

That little version of yourself is still a part of you my love - treat yourself the way you would treat a cute lil toddler


Connecting back to our pure essence, we can connect to the path of least resistance


Life gets to be easy, it gets to flow - tap into the ease by loving up on yourself so deeply 


If we’re not...

Jan 17, 2021


First things first - Connecting back to our SOUL & finding deep appreciation for who we are and all that we’ve experienced through the ups & downs of life.


Self compassion is NOT something you can bypass when wanting to Manifest Miracles with ease


May this episode be exactly what you need to come back to a place...

Jan 10, 2021

There are some of the ways I’ve used Self Discipline as a tool to expand, attract & uplevel - I figured with it being a new year, this could be an awesome time so focus on embodying more self disciple


As I mentioned, I would be more than happy to send you some Journal Prompts - message me on IG right now

Jan 2, 2021

Wowww - I’ve never felt so addicted to an App hahhaa - Anyone else feel me?


Totally random episode but I wanted to come by and share why I think this is going to be such a powerful Networking Tool in 2021


As soon as you get on the App, please come connect with me at @MelissaImpett


Every Sunday ( TODAY if...